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We believe that without God in our lives there can be no hope for a brighter and better tomorrow for any of us. Y.A.T. started out with direct contact with our youth on a spiritual and motivational uplifting. This Foundation is dedicated to helping our youth and families in achieving positive growth. One of the ultimate goals is to provide all of the positive support for our communities, “By Any Means Necessary”. Y.A.T. is well on its way in meeting the exciting needs of our families with all the positive energy needed for the task at hand. We address and support the needs of youth and families through positive interaction and utilization of a holistic approach. Our interventions are designed to promote an increase in resiliency, self esteem, socialization skills, and problem solving abilities. We will bring unity to our communities with assistance in Spiritual and personal necessities. Our Partnership with skilled Professionals providing services to foster an improvement in the individuals ability to self recognize and or self manage behavior health issues. Our Partner will provide services such as; Diagnostic Assessments, Mental Status Examinations, Psychological Testing, Individual, Family & Group Therapy, Intensive Family Intervention Services. Y.A.T. will also provide fun activities, motivational speaking, inspirational uplifting, and entertainment. Coming to our communities enables us to touch the lives of people that may not have been touched any other way. The support of the community will ensure the success of our future and youth today, leaders tomorrow.

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